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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Questions for Week 4

"Why must the team switch from attacking to defending quickly?"
 “How can your team defend effectively?”

Please post your answers as comments below by today and remember to state your name. Thanks! 


  1. The team must switch from attacking to defending quickly because the moment they lose possession of the frisbee, the opponents can immediately start their attack. On the offense, it can take as little as one pass to score a point. So, once a team switches to defense, they have to be alert and not let any passes through, which means they have to make that switch of mindset quickly.

    To defend effectively, a team has to limit the opponent's team's passes. This can be done by blocking the player on the frisbee, to limit his passing range. Also, other players can man mark their opponents and intercept on-coming passes. For this to happen effectively, everyone has to know their roles and know who they are marking. If every member of the team is man-marking a player from the opposing team tightly, there will be no open player to pass to, making moving the frisbee upfield and scoring harder. This way, a team has defended effectively :D

    Enoch ^.^

  2. The team must switch from attacking to defending quickly in the case of them losing the frisbee so that they can prevent the counter attack of the opposing team to prevent them from scoring.

    Defending effectively requires being able to block all possible basic passes from the opponent so that they are forced to make a risky pass creating a higher chance of the frisbee changing possession. It also limits each player according to their ability to throw each type of throw.

  3. The team must switch from attacking to defending quickly, because during the switching, the opponent will take advantage to counter attack fast.

    Defending effectively, a team has to limit passes and force plays in favour of theirs.

  4. As it allows easier ease of scoring as most teams (unlike us) would respond very slowly and we would be able to counter attack quickly and that would mean an easy 1 point for us.

    We can defend properly by forcing only one type of throw, the one that your opponent is weaker in, forcing him to take a riskier pass.

  5. Slow switching from attacking to defending would give an opening for the opponent to score. Switching faster from offense to defense would also allow the defense to mark more players before the offense is ready.

    We can defend effectively by forcing the opponent to use only one type of throw, preferably the one he is weaker in so that he would not have total control over the frisbee.